Entrance fees

Entrance Fees

Our admission prices include a guided tour of the stalactite cave.

The HarzCard is accepted: www.harzcard.info  (with important changes to individual facilities during the Corona period at www.harzcard.info/corona).

Vouchers are available on invoice plus postage. Please name your desired tickets and include the shipping address with your request at info@hoehlen-erlebnis-zentrum.de.

Adults 10,00 €
Adult groups of 10 or more (+ 1 tour guide free) 8,50 €
Reduced admission
Children and young people up to 17 years, schoolchildren,
trainees, students, people with disabilities,
unemployed, Museumsbund, Lower Saxony Volunteer
Card Gold

6,50 €
Large family ticket
2 adults + underage children
26,00 €
Small family ticket
1 adult + underage children

16,00 €
School classes/kindergarten/community
youth groups [sports club, fire brigade etc.]
per person (2 accompanying persons free)

5,00 €
Additional accompanying persons 8,50 €
Children under 6 years, HarzCard,
Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (B in ID)

0,00 €
Lower Saxony Culture Bonus 5,00 €

Guides Tours

Mediaguide english, dutch, danish
Use own smartphone (WIFI, free) or rental equipment (fee and deposit)

 3,00 €
Closed and foreign language cave tours
Closed tours without other day visitors and tours in English
within opening hours, max. 30 persons, by appointment only

50,00 €
Guided cave tours outside opening hours
Price per group and hour or part thereof, by appointment only

65,00 €
Children's birthday treasure hunt
2 adults + up to 8 children, 8 treasures, 45 min., each additional
child 10 €, each additional adult 8,50 €, by appointment only

130,00 €
Museum tours
Introduction to the dead from the Lichtenstein Cave, approx. 45 min.,
German or English, max. 22 persons, by appointment only

50,00 €
Cave tour
with geological focus (45 min.), by appointment only

50,00 €
Geolgical hike
in and on the Iberg (1,5 h), by appointment only

60,00 €
Geolgical hike
in and on the Iberg (3 h), by appointment only

120,00 €
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